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8/7/2015 - Still hot as hell in Texas; even worse.  I saw KMFDM on their current tour in Dallas last week.  They still kick major ass and sound great.  I'm working on new BONEYMEAN material constantly and am finally putting the pieces together.  I will definitely have something new audio wise by Halloween this year.  It may only be one track but it will be something to screw with the brain a little!

7/11/2015 - July is hot as hell in Texas!  That's all I got today!

6/13/2015 - NJPW is helping wake up the American "pro wrestling" organizations.  We are also finally at a time when WWE's new talent are far more exciting than their current veterans.  It's not the fault of the talent.  When you have to watch the same men and women over and over and over again in the same matches over and over and over it gets pretty damn stale and boring. 

5/21/2015 - First off, I wanted to say this site is more historical than anything at the moment.  The first round of BONEYMEAN is over and it's on to the next.  All the music was created and recorded by me.  It is the beginning of a stage in my life and it's influenced my future in ways I could not have imagined when I started.  Pop music is so damn commercial and fake that it is hard to digest.  That will never change in the United States.  Everything in our country is marketing and hype to grab the dollar.  We create fake competition to get your money in this country.  Social media is really just one big advertisement designed to look like something more personal.  If you didn't have a cell phone on you 24/7 you probably wouldn't use social media.  Your boredom is "money."  Just remember that nothing is ever as it seems and you are being used. 

5/10/2015 - Summer is closing in on us and Texas is sure to be steamy this year as usual.  I'm not a fan of the heat at all.  I grew up in So. Bend, IN and seasonal change.  Down here in DFW it's never what I call truly cold.  I've been 38 for a little over 2 months now and I'm finally coming to terms with it.  Gettin' old sucks but it is also awesome.  The knowledge I gain year to year is truly amazing but hard to sort out.  It takes a while to locate all that info in the brain after all the years of build up.  Also, I'm not much of a blogger.  Social media is a pain in my ass!  Kayfabe might be dead in the wrestling world but the whole world is now full of kayfabers!  Everyone is playing a character...


4/1/2015 - We are past the April 1st bull crap and now onto the next chapter of 2015.  WrestleMania 31 was kick ass this past Sunday.


3/28/2015 - It's a big weekend for the pro wrestling world.  WrestleMania 31 is Sunday and the WWE Hall of Fame is tonight when they finally honor Macho Man Randy Savage!  KMFDM is about to tour the United States again and so is Rob Zombie.  This is a great time for @boneymean!

3/5/2015 - Another month, another year, and tons of ideas coming out of my 38 years of insanity.  Living in N. Texas and digging my car out of snow again is surreal to me.  New recording is about to begin...

2/16/2015 - I've been addicted to NJPW (New Japan Pro Wrestling).  The action reminds me of why I started watching pro wrestling in the first place back in the 80's as a little kid.  Check this out if you are tired of the American style of wrestling: 


 2/13/2015 - Superstition  on a day like today is interesting because all the crazy shit always happens the night before and the night after in my world!


2/1/2015 - Music is life and music is art.  Support yourself and support life.




 1/20/2015 - Caleb and Tabatha Williams at WWE RAW 1.19.15 in Dallas, TX holding the BONEYMEAN sign!


1/9/2015 - Welcome to the "New Year."  I would like to say the new calendar year doesn't affect us humans but it does.  We all think about the last year and what we need to change and all that crap.  My advice is do what you have to do to make yourself like your life.  No one else lives it for you so screw them all and make yourself feel good.  Leave the people you don't like alone and they won't mean shit after that. 

BONEYMEAN is writing new material and we will just have to see what insanity gets recorded.  Blister your ears!


12/8/2014 - The last few months have been really good.  I've been getting through a very stressful period in my life and music is saving me; as usual.  My Halloween week was good.  Jesse and I played a short little set of our Halloween themed tunes and it was fun.  Having fun is what life is all about.  I got to see Ace Frehley last Monday in Dallas and he kicked ass.  Also his solo band is just pure gold!  I dug the hell out of them.  The "Space Ace" showed he still can play a 2 hour set and tear it up. 


10/3/2014 - I just released Dual on all major digital sources.  Dual is the first 2 Boneymean releases remastered and combined.  Halloween is in the air and a few of these tracks have a passion for the season.  Also, I have this strange interest in the movie Halloween III.  It might be the soundtrack that I love more than anything.  I'm a big fan of movies that have a completely original soundtrack that doesn't date the movie.  Anyway, enjoy the month of October!

9/16/14 - The Halloween season is here.  October has always been my favorite time of year; especially growing up in South Bend, IN.  I've grown to appreciate Dallas, TX but I do miss the fall up north.  The Boneymean front is always more creative during this time.  This is also when I listen to the Misfits albums more.  To be honest I have a list of must listen to music September - October.  So turn the volume up and let Earth A.D., Static Age, Walk Among Us and the rest of the Misfits catalog blister your ears!


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