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12/8/2014 - The last few months have been really good.  I've been getting through a very stressful period in my life and music is saving me; as usual.  My Halloween week was good.  Jesse and I played a short little set of our Halloween themed tunes and it was fun.  Having fun is what life is all about.  I got to see Ace Frehley last Monday in Dallas and he kicked ass.  Also his solo band is just pure gold!  I dug the hell out of them.  The "Space Ace" showed he still can play a 2 hour set and tear it up. 


10/3/2014 - I just released Dual on all major digital sources.  Dual is the first 2 Boneymean releases remastered and combined.  Halloween is in the air and a few of these tracks have a passion for the season.  Also, I have this strange interest in the movie Halloween III.  It might be the soundtrack that I love more than anything.  I'm a big fan of movies that have a completely original soundtrack that doesn't date the movie.  Anyway, enjoy the month of October!

9/16/14 - The Halloween season is here.  October has always been my favorite time of year; especially growing up in South Bend, IN.  I've grown to appreciate Dallas, TX but I do miss the fall up north.  The Boneymean front is always more creative during this time.  This is also when I listen to the Misfits albums more.  To be honest I have a list of must listen to music September - October.  So turn the volume up and let Earth A.D., Static Age, Walk Among Us and the rest of the Misfits catalog blister your ears!


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